AI for business users 

With BREVIAN’s no-code platform business users can build custom, secure AI agents that understand English, integrate with the team’s data and applications, answer queries and automate repeated tasks, without requiring a developer.

Use Cases

Agent for support teams 

AI agent that understands data from your ticketing systems, CRMs, knowledge bases and release notes, and assists your support teams to resolve tickets faster.

  • Automate routing tickets to the right team based on ticket content
  • Go from reactive support to proactive support by detecting emerging issues earlier
  • Categorize tickets into common topics and trends, and improve knowledge bases to reduce ticket volume

Agent for security analysts 

AI agent for security analysts to help discover, analyze and resolve issues faster.

  • Triage alerts to understand which ones to pay attention to
  • Investigate incidents by automatically gathering and co-relating relevant information from different systems
  • Speed up RCA by generating reports and narratives for each incident



BREVIAN AI agents can understand your question and connect the dots between your data to answer them. The more questions you ask, the smarter they get.

  • Knowledge extraction for structured and unstructured data including images
  • Reasoning engine designed to answer complex questions with full referenceability and attribution
  • Automation of manual tasks using natural language


BREVIAN AI agents have security and safety built-in, so you don’t need to integrate different products to be enterprise-ready. Implement consistent controls independent of your data and models.

  • Purpose built, low latency models for PII, PHI, prompt injection
  • Content moderation filters to redact or modify unsafe responses from the LLM
  • Audit logging, visibility and RBAC to drive broader enterprise use

User friendly 

Easy to build. Easy to manage. Easy to use. BREVIAN AI agents are accessible to everyone. Simple for non-developers, yet flexible for advanced users.

  • Menu-driven, no-code interface to build agents
  • Conversational chat interface for end users
  • API interface for easy integration


BREVIAN AI agents are fully customizable. Business teams can even combine different agents to build an intelligent network across their enterprise data.

  • Customize agent knowledge with data sources relevant to your team
  • Customize agent behavior with user specified instructions
  • Customize security, trust and safety policies based on use case

Meet the team 

BREVIAN team members hail from companies like Databricks, LinkedIn and Moveworks. They came together to build an AI platform from the ground-up, for enterprise


Vinay Wagh

Co-founder and CEO

Girish Kathalagiri

Head of Engineering

Wei Miao

Founding engineer

Chetanya Rastogi

Founding engineer

Brandon Weng

Founding engineer

Bharat Jain

Founding engineer

Keith Cheung

Founding engineer

Investors & Advisors

Jake Storm

Partner, Felicis Ventures

David Meyer

SVP Product Databricks

Tom Gillis

SVP/GM Security at Cisco

Eric Baldeschwieler

Ex-CEO/CTO Hortonworks

Jure Leskovec

Co-founder Kumo AI, Professor Stanford

Opher Kahane

Entrepreneur, Investor, ex-VP/GM Intuit

Camille Gaspard

Distinguished Engineer, Splunk

Jason Chan

ex-VP of Infosec Netflix

Travis McPeak

CEO Resourcely

William Chambers

Investor, Advisor, ex-Databricks

Get in touch 

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